The New Failed States? Liberal economies and the reaction to Covid-19

Most Western States, in both advanced and under-developed countries, underperformed in terms of assuring the social and health well-being of their population during the pandemic. Why so? How much of the health systems breakdown is explained by previous market-oriented policies? What did this breakdown teach us about the role and importance of State planning?

The model suggested is a discussion panel with the participation of senior scholars with research in the mentioned topics. We will choose 3-4 questions from the YSI community and ask the guest speakers, who will instantaneously answer the questions like a TV show. Each speaker will have a few minutes to respond and multiple times of voice hearing could be granted to promote a debate among the scholars.

This roundtable is co-organized with the Financial Stability Working Group, the Economic Development Working Group, the Inequality Working Group, the State and Markets Working Group and the Economics of Innovation Working Group.

Moderated by:

Gabriel Aidar


Matias Vernengo | Professor, Bucknell

Fiona Tregenna | Professor, University of Johannesburg

Antonio Andreoni | Associate Professor of Economics, University College London

Nelson Barbosa | Professor, São Paulo School of Economics