The Political Consequences of Covid-19 in Latin America

In the next episode of the Webinar series, streaming on August 12, we turn to the political consequences of the crisis in the region from a political economy perspective.

Latin America was already facing slower economic growth and popular discontent when the Covid-19 hit the continent. Policy responses vary across countries in the region without following a clear political or economic ideological pattern. Thus, although the economic consequences are likely to prevail, the political implications are less clear. International financial markets' responses to different policies in the region and their influence in economic policymaking before, during, and after the health crisis are also open questions. To help us connect these dots between economic volatility and political instability in the region, we will host a Webinar with Daniela Campello.

Daniela Campello is a Professor at FGV/EBAPE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. She teaches courses and conducts research on international and comparative political economy, focusing on the consequences of economic internationalization in domestic politics and democracy in emerging economies. Formerly she a was an Assistant Professor at the Department of Politics and at the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs at Princeton University. Daniela’s work appears in top political Science Journals, and she is the author of "The Politics of Market Discipline in Latin America: Globalization and Democracy" (Cambridge University Press 2015), and co-author of “The Volatility Curse” (forthcoming, CUP 2020).

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