Today’s Webinar! “Regional Resilience” with Ron Boschma

Dear fellows,

The Urban and Regional Economics WG is pleased to invite you to the first webinar of our series Regional Resilience: How Cities and Regions Thrive in Times of Crises:

"Regional Resilience: Towards an Evolutionary Approach" with Prof. Ron Boschma (University of Utrecht).
Today, April 09, 2019. 5pm (GMT)

Attend the webinar here!

Boschma proposes an evolutionary perspective on regional resilience. He conceptualizes resilience not just as the ability of a region to accommodate shocks, but extends it to the long-term ability of regions to develop new growth paths. Resilience is a highly path-dependent process, thus to understand how regions adapt and develop new growth paths after crises or decline, history is key. Boschma argues, that regional resilience is shaped by related and unrelated variety, knowledge networks and institutional structures.

Ron Boschma is Full Professor in Regional Economics at the Department of Economic Geography at the Faculty of Geosciences, University of Utrecht (Netherlands). He received a PhD degree in Economics at the Tinbergen Institute, Faculty of Economics and Econometrics, Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1994 and a Master Degree in Social Geography at the Faculty of Economics, University of Amsterdam, 1988.

Hope to see you online!