Today’s Webinar with Tasos Kitsos on Regional Resilience

We are pleased to invite you to the last webinar on our series "Regional Resilience: How Cities and Regions Thrive in Times of Crises":

"Regional economic resilience: which local factors matter?" with Tasos Kitsos
December 05, 2019.
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Anastasios (Tasos) Kitsos is a research fellow at City-REDI (University of Birmingham) where he currently holds an ESRC postdoctoral fellowship.

Tasos’ research interests cover a wide spectrum of regional inequalities in economic resilience, productivity and growth, the presence and impact of digital and creative economies, the electoral considerations in the distribution of public resources and the capacity of local industrial structures to benefit from spending in their area. In this webinar, Tasos will be presenting his work on regional economic resilience.
The 2008 crisis has had profound impacts on economies around the World. These impacts have been significantly heterogeneous as to their spatial footprint within countries. This has given rise into research on the measurement and factors of local economic resilience. Tasos will be discussing his quantitative work and latest developments in measuring the differential resilience performance of local economies as well as his work on resilience determinants. The latter will span individual characteristics such as skills and demographics to regional contextual factors such as entrepreneurial dynamism and the embeddedness of local industrial structures. Beyond presenting current work, the aim of the session is to discuss future avenues in resilience research and policymaking with scholars from different countries.

We will also use this webinar, being the last in this series, to recap previous webinars on regional economic resilience and aim for a fruitful discussion with our speaker Tasos and all webinar participants!

Hope to see you online!