UNCTAD/YSI Summer School

For the fourth year in a row YSI is very excited to be collaborating with UNCTAD on the UNCTAD / YSI Summer School, to be held in the first week of August this year. Like last year, the school will be fully online, allowing a lot of participants (1000+ last year!) to participate.

Although speakers are not yet confirmed, the program is already looking great.

We’d love for two or three people from our group (that could include you) to join this project as organizers. Doing so would mean:

  1. Attending an onboarding call later this month
  2. Committing to attending the school from 2-7 August, 2021
  3. Being present for the pre-conference at the beginning of the school (we’ll do a little intro / icebreaker as YSI but you’ll have nothing to prepare, just show up)
  4. Helping to review applications for the mentorship program (participants can apply for a brief mentoring call with one of the speakers)
  5. Working together to run one of the 45min follow up discussions (we’ll make some suggestions for how to go about this)
  6. Working together to run a project brainstorm session at the end of the school, encouraging participants to stay involved with your group. (we’ll make some suggestions for how to go about this)

If you are interested, please contact Luisa Scarcella at [email protected]