Upcoming WEBINAR series – Innovation in a regional context

The next webinar of this series is scheduled to next Monday, September 11.

Knowledge Complexity and Spatial Inequality.
Prof. Dr. Pierre-Alexander Balland (Utrecht University, The Netherlands)

11(EDT)/12 (BRT)/16(BST)/17(CET)

Please follow this link to attend our GoToMeeting: https://app.gotomeeting.com/?meetingId=503025765

Professor Balland is Assistant Professor of Economic Geography at Utrecht University. He previously helds positions at the University of California, Los Angeles, the University of Lund, and the University of Toulouse. His research focuses on the geography of innovation, networks, and sustainable transitions. He is particularly interested in the persistent role of geographical proximity for economic development in the digital age.

More information about him can be found at his site: https://www.paballand.com/