Video: Oxford Martin School Inequality Lectures

Hi IWG member!

The Oxford Martin School just wrapped up a lecture series on inequality.
The 8 lectures can be viewed on the Oxford Martin School (OMS) YouTube channel.


Talks include a.o.:

  • Sir Tony Atkinson on the work he recently carried out for the World Bank (Commission on Global Poverty)
  • Branco Milanovic promoting his new book on Global Inequality
  • Brian Nolan the director of the INET-Oxford Employment Equity and Growth (EEG) Programme introducing and wrapping up the series

You might also be interested in watching Sir Tony Atkinson present his latest book Inequality: What can be done? .



Please join us our Webinar tomorrow (12PM EST/17PM GMT/ 18PM CET) by clicking on this link: []

Giacomo Gabbuti (Oxford University), Marc Morgan Milá (Paris School of Economics) and Léo Czajka (Paris School of Economics) will be discussing about inequality in Ivory Coast, and Brazil.