Webinar 2: Financialization in Developed and Emerging Economies

Dear Young scholars,

Tomorrow (October 22) at 5pm CEST we will have the second webinar on "Financialization in Developed and Emerging Economies" with Ewa Karwowsky (Hertfordshire Business School), who will discuss "Financialization in the periphery (part I): Financialization in emerging economies and the the South African case".
To participate, please click "attend" in the webinar page:https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/event/5b9bf3293d736a7cd6b93106

The suggested reading is:
Ewa Karwowski &Engelbert Stockhammer (2017) Financialisation in emerging economies: a systematic overview and comparison with Anglo-Saxon economies
Ewa Karwowsky (2017) Corporate financialisation in South Africa: From investment strike to housing bubble

Looking forward to seeing you there!