Webinar Series on Economic Development Challenges in the 21st Century

We have an exciting seminar series coming up this fall!

Broadly, it focuses on the analysis of economic development in the 21st century. The notions of distribution, industrial policy and balance of payments constraints will be profoundly analysed during these four sessions. As there is much disagreement about what drives economic development – and at the same time it is a central objective for developing economies – this question merits deep reflection. Through these seminars there will be a particular focus on the external constraints that developing economies face that make economic development challenging. Although the seminars will deal with small open economies, given that the balance of payment constraint will be part of the discussion, scholars working on the Eurozone may also find the discussion on interesting for their work.

Webinar 1: Wednesday 09/12 Value and distribution in the small open economy
By Guido Ianni, Ph.D. candidate at the University of Buenos Aires. Guido will explain what determines income distribution in these economies, and how the alternative "closures" can lead to different economic productive structures.

Webinar 2: Friday 09/21 Income distribution and the balance of payments – Some Latin American Structuralist Contributions
By Ariel Dvoskin and Germán Feldman. Ariel Dvoskin is Professor of Microeconomics at the National University of Buenos Aires and Germán Feldman is Professor of Macroeconomics at the National University of San Martín. Drawing on Latin American structuralist analysis, Dvoskin and Feldman will explain not only Value and Distribution, but also their relationship with the Balance of Payments. In this lecture, notions related to balance of payments constraints will appear so it could be interesting for those working on or worried about the Eurozone.

Webinar 3: Thursday 09/27 Industrial policies and growth in the XXIst century
With Margarita Olivera (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro). This webinar will deal with the role of industrial policies in development in the current age. Margarita is studying the impact of international institutions, such as the WTO and free trade agreements, on the possibilities of economic development.

Webinar 4: Wednesday 10/03 The role of Central Banks in Economic Development
By Matías Vernengo, who is full professor of economics at Bucknell University. He is co-editor of the Review of Keynesian Economics and co-editor in chief of the New Palgrave Dictionary of Economics. This webinar will be focused on the relationship between Central banks, inflation and growth from an historical perspective. Were Central banks instruments of the state to promote economic development once? When did everything change? Matías will try to answer some of this questions under an economic development long-run perspective.

All the webinars will take place at the same time, but on different days:

11.00 US East Coast (gmt-4)
12.00 ARG/BRA (gmt-3)
16.00 UK bst (gmt+1)
17.00 ITA cet (gmt+2)

Questions can be directed to webinar-organiser, Santiago J. Gahn, YSI Economic Development Working Group [email protected].