Webinar – The Political Economy of Shadow Banking

Dear all,

The Financial Stability Working Group is delighted to invite you to its upcoming webinar on "The Political Economy of Shadow Banking", on Friday September 29th at 12pm EDT (6pm CET).

Prof. Anastasia Nesvetailova will present her view on offshore/shadow banking in contemporary capitalism, in particular with respect to the 2007/08 financial crisis, securitization, regulatory evasion, and Ponzi financial practices.

To join our webinar, please click here: https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/193839485

Prof. Nesvetailova's main research and teaching interests lie in the area of International Political Economy (IPE), finance and financial crises, regulation and governance. She teaches at City University London and is director of the City Political Economy Research Centre (CITYPERC).

We're looking forward to seeing you online!
Céline, Míriam, and Lea

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