Webinar – The SRM: Juxtaposition of Resolution and State Aid

The Finance, Law, and Economics Working Group is glad to invite you to the first session of the webinar series "Young Researchers in FLE". The topic of this webinar, to be held on Friday, February 16, at 17:00 (CET), is "The Single Resolution Mechanism: Juxtaposition of Resolution and State Aid".

The topic of this webinar will be discussed with Anna Della Negra (PhD Candidate – University of Udine).

Abstract:The Single Resolution Mechanism (SRM) is the second pillar of the Banking Union and it has been created to break the vicious circle between banking crisis and sovereigns. It provides for a unique system of resolution for the Member States participating in the Single Supervisory Mechanism. Its architecture of procedural and substantive rules is complex. The SRM is particularly intricate when the resolution process needs to be funded. The complexity is due to the interaction of State aid and Resolution regimes. Indeed, the SRM provides that the use of public or European financial support shall be subject to the State aid control of the Commission. This entails a juxtaposition of State aid rules, including the Banking Communications, and the resolution provisions. Moreover it implies a separate control of the Commission within the resolution process. The webinar will analyse the relationship between Resolution and State aid regimes and to examine the problematic consequences deriving from the coexistence of the two regimes. In particular it focuses on Article 19 SRM Regulation, which provides for a separate assessment of “State Aid” and the “Single Resolution Fund” by the Commission in the resolution process.

We look forward to seeing you online!
Christopher, Cecilia and Luisa