Welcome from the new coordinators | Plenary | State of the Field Report

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to send a very warm welcome as new coordinators of YSI’s History of Economic Thought Working Group.

As the new season starts, we want to share our hopes for the working group.

The YSI History of Economic Thought Working Group is devoted to investigating and examining economic ideas and practices throughout time. We hope to encourage more projects that examine economics and economists as part of broad historical processes, and hope to foster activities that further an understanding of the formation of the discipline.

As such, we hope to continue engaging with scholars across YSI working groups, to continue collaborations with associations and bodies active in the field of History of Economic Thought / History of Economics, and to enable lasting collaborations and partnerships to flourish.

We hope that as coordinators we will keep encouraging, fostering and supporting the dynamism and creativity of the group.

-> Next stop for our Working Group will be the Virtual Plenary coming up in November.

We invite all members, past organizers and anyone who wants to be involved to submit to be part of our programme here:

Given the online nature of this year’s plenary, you can be involved in a number of ways:

You can:

Come and share what you have been up to
o Showcase past, ongoing and upcoming projects
o Showcase working papers that originated from within the YSI community
o Share and discuss their work-in-progress

Apply for plenary sessions

o For anyone in the same location, you can also get together subject to COVID-19 rules in respective countries.

We are very lucky to have leading mentors joining us that we will announce shortly.
*Apply for the plenary here by 15th August. *

*–> State of the Field Report:

We want to consult the members and mentors of our working group to help us compile a State of the Field Report that will be presented at the Plenary. This summarises the major developments and interesting, new questions in the field, and will help inform the drafting of the 2021 working group mandate.

Please take a moment to share your thoughts by filling out this short form

*–> Celebration! *

Starting as coordinators we want to take the opportunity to celebrate some of the Working Group’s activities over the recent past:

  • Investigated the history of “Human Capital” at the University of California, Santa Barbara, with the Center for the Study of Work, Labor and Democracy
  • Organised a series of activities around Pluralism and Global South perspectives in economics in part collaboration with the "Association for Heterodox Economics" Conference
  • Explored the methods, sources, and epistemological challenges involved in assessing the role of female economists in the history of Latin American economics
  • Explored the expanding field of Digital Humanities and its relevance and application to our field
  • Engaged with key texts in History of Science as an inspiration to History of Economics
  • Explored the synergies between Economic History and History of Economic Thought at last year’s ESHET conference
  • Held an online seminar series with GIHPTE, the platform for the history and philosophy of economics in Colombia.
  • Formed a study group on Feminist Epistemology

[All available here: https://ysi.ineteconomics.org/workinggroup/history-of-economic-thought]

We hope the next two years as coordinators will be fruitful for all scholars working in the History of Economics. We are committed to engaging colleagues and to hearing the views of each of our colleagues. Do not hesitate to be in touch with questions, comments or suggestions

Kind regards,
Coordinators – Christina, Julia and Marius