Welcome Santiago – New Coordinator!

Hi everyone,

We are thrilled that Santiago Gahn, PhD student in Economics from Roma III, has agreed to become a new coordinator for the Economic Development Working Group. He organized a great webinar series in 2018, helped organize the Europe convening in 2018 and is now organizing the North America convening in Lost Angeles in February.

After starting the group in 2015 and coordinating it up until today, I feel that it's time for me to step down and let the group live on with a new leadership. Jenny and Collin will continue as coordinators – and we have lots of active organizers too. Do get in touch with Collin, Jenny and/or Santiago if you have some proposal for something you would like to organize on behalf of the group.

By the way, the deadline for the Call for Papers for the Ibadan conference in April has been extended to January 15th, see here: https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/project/5c16fec7481f76259004c026/event/5c170fe5481f76259004c054.

Happy new year to all, wishing this group lots of activities and critical thinking.

all the best,