Workshop: Money in open economies

Dear all,

The Financial Stability Working group is organizing a one-day workshop with the Leeds University Business School to discuss the role of money in open economies from critical perspectives. The event will combine presentations and open discussions of the ongoing research of young and senior scholars on related topics.

If you wish to present your work, or would like to attend to present your ideas, take part on the conversation and/or review the paper of other presenters, please apply before July 1st.
Find more information about how to do it here:

We welcome submissions of scholars' working on topics related, but not limited, to:

  • FX markets, including forward and FX swaps markets
  • Financial channels to exchange rate determination
  • Cross-border financial flows and positions, effects and drivers
  • The international monetary and financial system
  • Global financial conditions, cyclicality and vulnerability
  • Global financial institutions
  • Balance of payments and international crises
  • Global imbalances and money
  • FX interventions, capital controls and exchange regimes, and the relation with other economic policies
  • Endogenous money in open economies
  • Currency Hierarchy
  • Money in open economies, income distribution and effective demand

Feel free to contact us!