YSI at the INET plenary in Edinburgh, Oct 21-23

See the below summary which we I have written up after our last coordinator meeting.

In the meantime we have confirmed dates: The INET plenary will take place in Edinburgh from Saturday, October 21st, to Monday, October 23rd. Our YSI program would primarily take place in the days leading up to INET's plenary.

Let's get the discussion going!


Thank you for those who made time for yesterday's meeting. Allow me to summarize the discussion on the upcoming INET plenary in late October in Scotland.

The theme of INET's plenary will be roughly "The crisis of expertise". INET is affording us the opportunity to involve us in a major way, and we discussed the following options:

OPTION 1: We repeat a YSI plenary in the days before the INET plenary all working groups have their own program each working group may invite their own mentors plenary sessions / big picture / community report The working groups provide content curation. YSI management + INET handle logistics.

OPTION 2: Extensive YSI program w/ tracks We involve all the working groups A joint program is created with various tracks. Several working groups cooperate on each track. *The working groups provide content curation. YSI management + INET handle logistics.

Note: All budgets necessary for our involvement with the INET plenary will be provided for in ADDITION to the working group budgets you are already using to roll out your 2017 plans.

Option 1 would give us a plenary-like event without the same burden of organization. This may however upset the event schedule you may have already worked out within your working group. From a timing perspective there may not be need for an official plenary this year. For the working groups that are less active, this may be an ideal opportunity to gather momentum.

Option 2 would ensure a robust YSI participation and allow for cross-working group collaboration. The direct burden of curation and organization would be shared amongst multiple working groups. For less active working groups this option would however provide for less of a platform to estbalish and reinforce themselves. It may be optional for working groups to conduct their own meetings in addition to this (likely on the day before)

Please see this as the start of a discussion. We need to establish a joint position on this shortly.