YSI Call for Papers 2017 Trento Festival of Economics

The Young Scholars Initiative and its working groups will be hosting meetings and discussions in and around the 2017 Trento Festival of Economics.
YSI invites contributions from Young Scholars who wish to present their work on subjects related to this year’s theme “Globalization in an Age of Rising Nationalism”.
For those interested in gender and feminist economics, the Gender and Economics WG proposes a gender perspective to the discussion (“Genderifying economic analysis”).
Possible topics may include:

  • gender and migration,
  • care economy,
  • unpaid work,
  • financial exclusion/literacy.

Guide for submissions

To submit abstract go here
The deadline to submit abstracts is April 15.
Submissions should include an abstract, and keywords.
Selected participants will be contacted in early May.
Selected participants will be provided accommodation at Hotel Everest during the Festival days. No travel stipends are available.

We look forward to seeing you in Trento!