The States and Markets Working Group welcomes you to submit a contribution for the Europe Convening to be held in Trento between May 31 and June 3.
Accommodation will be provided for accepted presenters.

We welcome paper on the two broad topics detailed next:

I. One of the main aims of our working group is to explore the concept of the State in economic theory. Hence, for this call we specially encourage contributions on the following topics:

  • The concept of the State in the History of Economic Thought
  • National State as an institution that “intervenes” in the economy. Theoretical debates on how the State is conceived as separated from the economy.
  • National states in a contemporary capitalism: challenges and new theoretical insights, such as considering Global Innovation Networks and Global Value Chains.

II. As much of the work of studying the nature of states and markets takes place across different schools of economic thought, we also want to explore the growing field of pluralist economics. We will welcome two different types of contributions for this session:

  • Presentations describing (or showing!) innovative ways to teach pluralist economics. Submissions on this track need not be full academic papers, but some sharable materials would be helpful.
  • Papers presenting research on pluralist economics itself. Curriculum reviews, surveys, histories of pluralist economics, and theoretical work on the foundations of pluralist economics are especially welcome.

To submit your contribution go to: http://www.ineteconomics.org/events/europe-convening/the-state-in-economic-theory

The complete YSI Europe Convening CFP can be founds here: https://www.ineteconomics.org/events/europe-convening/

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