YSI Latin America Convening in Buenos Aires!!!! July 19 to 21

Today we all received the official news about YSI's new challenging project for 2018, 6 YSI Regional Convenings to be held in Latin America, North America, Europe, Africa, South Asia and East Asia over the course of the year. These convenings provide scholars all over the world opportunity to contribute with the full breadth of ideas within our community.

11 Working Groups will participate in the Latin America Convening and we are among them!!
We created a fb event for this convening: https://www.facebook.com/events/417378645377317/
Please feel free to invite friends and say you will attend =)
I am also sharing with you a poster of the event so you can print it and share it with colleagues and friends.

Just to give you some inspiration about our region, the geographical proximity is neither the only nor the main bound among Latin American countries. Much stronger ties are a shared culture, history and current economic, social, environmental and political challenges. We have struggled throughout history and, in a globalized world, it is clear that we need to work together to develop new economic ideas that can contribute to overcome those major challenges, while also offering innovative solutions for global crossroads. In this context, YSI’s LA Convening is the opportunity to bring together fresh and diverse ideas that could counterbalance the unsuccessful, though still dominant, economic paradigm.

Our working group will also have its annual meeting during the LA Convening!!
So we specially encourage those of you in LA to submit your contributions. The call will be launched soon.



YSI Latin America A4 Poster.pdf