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YSI Newsletter

News posted in Commons, October 11th 2018

Dear YSI Community:

We had a very active first half of 2018! See attached, or scroll down for a recap of what we’ve been up to in recent months.

YSI Regional Convenings
In a major community effort, we have hosted YSI Regional Convenings in Europe, Latin America and Africa to bring YSI closer to all our community members.

  • During the Europe Convening, thirteen working group brought ca 100 young scholars to Trento, Italy, alongside the Festival of Economics.
    View the pictures here!

  • The Latin America Convening in Buenos Aires attracted 400 young scholars from across the continent. We were grateful to partner with the UNSAM Winter School, the LALICS PhD workshop and the Oliveira Development conference.
    View the pictures here!

  • The Africa Convening, which took place just a couple weeks ago in Harare, was hosted by the only Economic History department on the African continent, at the University of Zimbabwe. We were fortunate to cooperate with the Zimbabwe Historical Association.
    View the pictures here!

At each regional convening, a vast amount of project ideas were discussed and we look forward to seeing them come to fruition in all parts of the world.
The next two regional convenings are scheduled for early 2019, and will be announced soon.

  • YSI North America Convening
    February 2019
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  • YSI Asia Convening
    March 2019
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20+ YSI Events
Working groups worked hard to organize events across the globe! YSI members came together for many different projects. In the past months, those included:

  • YSI @ Laporde Summer School – São Paulo, Brazil
  • YSI @ Rethinking Finance Oslo – Oslo, Norway
  • YSI @ Learning from Nordics – Bergen, Norway
  • YSI @ Trento Summer School – Trento, Italy
  • YSI Workshop @ ESHET Annual Conference – Madrid, Spain
  • YSI Workshop @ STOREP Annual Conference – Genova, Italy
  • YSI Workshop @ ICA European Research Conference- Wageningen, the Netherlands
  • YSI Workshop @ World Economic History Congress – Boston, MA
  • YSI @ IAFFE Annual Conference – New Paltz, NY
  • YSI @ Brazilian Keynesian Association Winter School – Porto Alegre, Brazil
  • YSI @ Demand-led Growth Workshop – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • YSI FLE Summer Academy – Turino, Italy
  • YSI @ ECLAC Summer School – Santiago de Chile
  • YSI @ Association for Heterodox Economics Conference – Leicester, UK
  • YSI @ MIT Media Lab – Boston, MA
  • UNCTAD YSI Summer School – Geneva, Switzerland
  • YSI Political Economy of Capitalism – Geneva, Switzerland
  • YSI @ Workshop Urban Economics, on 10-11 Sep – Belo Horizonte, Brazil
  • YSI @ Degrowth Conference, on 4-6 Sep – Mexico City, Mexico
  • YSI @ WINIR Conference, on 14-16 Sep, Hong Kong, China
  • YSI Workshop – Endogenous Preferences, on 5-7 Oct – New York, NY

New Collaborations
We are thrilled to have established collaborations with three new organizations:

  • The Early Career Researchers Network of Networks at Future Earth (ECR NoN)
    Together with ECRNoN, we are running a Webinar Series on the nexus between research and policy-making.

  • Globelics
    Globelics is a well established global research network, with which YSI is partnering up in various upcoming conferences and events.

  • Economic Questions (EQ)
    Formerly the Minskys, EQ is an economics blog that makes out-of-the-box economics accessible to everyone. YSI members are encouraged to contribute short articles for publication on the blog.

The calendar has been packed with webinars! We enjoyed both a wide range of one-time webinars, and many great webinar series, including:

  • Reconciling financial stability and inclusion across space (Urban and Regional Economics WG, Financial Stability WG, and Inequality WG)
  • The Place in times of Austerity (Urban and Regional Economics WG)
  • Law and Political Economy (Finance, Law, and Economics WG)
  • Economic Development in the XXIst Century (Economic Development WG)
  • The Global Financial Crisis as History (Economic History WG)
  • Digital Economy (Financial Stability WG, and Economics of Innovation WG)
  • Reading Schumpeter: Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy (Economics of Innovation WG)
  • The Origin of Wealth – Eric Beinhocker (Complexity Economics WG)
  • The Concept of the State in the History of Economic Thought (History of Economic Thought WG, Finance, Law and Economics WG, and States and Markets WG)
  • Financialization in Developed and Emerging Economies (Financial stability WG)
  • Agent-Based Modelling and its recent Applications (Complexity, Keynesian Economics and Financial Stability WG)

What’s next?
If you thought that was a lot, there’s more coming. Here are some of the projects on the calendar for the next few months:

  • YSI Africa Workshop, on 13 Oct – Bologna, Italy
  • YSI @ Globelics, on 23-24 Oct – Accra, Ghana
  • YSI @ FMM Conference, on 25-27 Oct – Berlin, Germany
  • YSI @ Financial Stability Conference (FSC), on 31 Oct – 1 Nov – Berlin, Germany
  • Lalics-YSI Academy on 3-9 Nov – Mexico City, Mexico
  • YSI @ Energy Innovation Academy on 28-30 Nov – Florence, Italy
  • The Role of Finance in Development on 21 Nov – York, UK
  • Law Economics Policy Conference on 26-28 Nov – New Delhi, India
  • YSI @ ANPEC on 16-19 Dec – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Rethinking Africa’s Economic Transformation – 10-12 April, 2019 – Ibadan, Nigeria
  • Development of the Asian Tigers Conference – May 2019 – Hanoi, Vietnam

Thank you all!




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