YSI @ Trento Festival 2019

Dear coordinators and organizers,

This is to invite you to participate in the YSI @ Trento Festival of Economics taking place 30 May – 2 June.

Here’s the deal: Last year, we organized a regional convening for Europe. However, regional convenings will only take place bi-annually. So this year we hope to provide a playground to experiment with new formats and ideas for creatively discussing and engaging economic issues: Trento with a twist.

How the working groups are invited to get involved: If you are interested in joining as an organizer, please write us with a novel session format that you’d like to try out.

Ideally, we’d like something along these lines:

  • Ways to attach an individual’s work to the ‘big picture’ or challenges facing society
  • Ways to connect research interests amongst participants
  • Ways to challenge our own notions and epistemology about research economic discourse
  • Ways to deepen the working group involvement of participants (e.g. through projects).

Essentially, we are looking for non-standard formats. So no conventional panels or presentations, please!

Be creative and let us know how you’d like to get involved.

Write us your ideas at [email protected] by 7 March.