YSI @ UNCTAD International Debt Management Conference 2017

Dear Young Scholars:

We have extended the deadline for application until OCTOBER 6th.

The conference will feature presentations by Rafael Correa (Ex-President of Ecuador), Y.V. Reddy (Ex-Governor of the Reserve Bank of India), Jan Kregel (Levy Institute of Economics at Bard College), Mark Flanagan (IMF), Nelson Barbosa (ex-Finance Minister Brazil), Martin Guzman, (Columbia University), Matthew Martin (Development Finance International) and Stefany Griffith Jones (Columbia University) and a couple of extra surprises 🙂

For the Young Scholars, 3 special sessions will be arranged. Two will feature presentations by speakers at the main event. The third will involve presentations by the Young Scholars attending the event.

Hope you can join us in Geneva!

For more details and application, please go to the YSI Website: https://www.ineteconomics.org/events/ysi-unctad-international-debt-management-conference-2017