YSI Virtual Plenary – Complexity Economics – Call for Papers & Abstracts

The Complexity Economics Working Group is pleased to announce that we are welcoming papers and abstracts to the YSI Virtual Plenary 2020 that will take place from 6 to 15 November 2020.

Complex socioeconomic problems are not a purview of the developed world. The fundamental questions that underline the structural issues of the developing world are embedded with complexity. These economies have specificities in terms of their cultural, historical, institutional, and economic heritage. Some basic social questions in terms of poverty, inequality, and weak productive structures
are still away from being answered in theoretical and practical terms. The challenges and research questions in developing economies may be different
from the ones of the Global North, but the complexity involved in them is of the same magnitude.

For the YSI Plenary, the YSI Complexity Economics Working Group invites not only researchers who wish to present their work, but also those interested in discussion groups, and round tables surrounding pertinent questions in Complexity Economics with our mentors. Those wishing to present their work should submit an abstract or a paper. Those wishing to participate or host a discussion session, please submit to your ideas via the ‘submit a session idea’ application form.

We welcome work on a wide range of topics, including but not limited to:

  1. The economy as a complex system
  2. Models of complex economic systems
  3. Dynamic system analysis
  4. Applied network analysis
  5. Agent-based modeling
  6. Input-Output analyses and related methods
  7. Structural decomposition analysis
  8. Micro to Macro aggregative models
  9. Complexity analysis for Innovation and technological change
  10. Capacity Building, Systems of Innovation, Knowledge Systems
  11. Economic Complexity as part of a study of productive structures
  12. Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in official statistics
  13. Economics of Science
  14. Complexity in demographic research
  15. Philosophy of Complexity
  16. Complexity in development – Structuralist Theories, Industrialization, and structural change.

Deadline for submissions: 15 August 2020

How to submit: Make sure you’re a member of YSI and submit your work to the Complexity Economics Working Group via the application portal

Questions concerning this call may be sent to [email protected]