YSI Virtual Plenary: Political Economy, Trade, and Society in Africa

Dear Members,

We are thrilled to remind you of our session on Political Economy, Trade and Society in Africa to be held on Saturday 7th November 2020, at 12-1330(UTC)

Presenters & topics:

1- Bryan Umaru Kauma, “Many dishes are no longer eaten by sophisticated Africans”: A social history of small grains in Zimbabwe, 1930s to 1960.

2- Melike Döver, Structural impacts of trade integration with a regional hegemon – An evaluation of SADC's bilateral trade patterns.

3- Sibanengi Ncube, “We can’t breathe”: Zimbabwe’s small scale tobacco farmers and the tobacco sales floor economy under covid-19 lockdown.

4- Abiodun Agboola, Regime Change and Economic Development: An Appraisal of Continuity in Nigerian Economic Policies.

To stay abreast with the rest of the YSI Plenary program please visit https://plenary-program.ysi.ineteconomics.org/sessions, and look out for the Africa Working Group Ship.

Geraldine, Herbert and Petronella