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Nationality: Brazil

Affiliation: UFRJ

Student status: Don't share

Level of education: Masters degree

Field of Study: Economics

Joined: July 29, 2020

João Pedro Loureiro Braga

Rio de Janeiro, BR

Member: Philosophy of Economics, Latin America, East Asia, Core, States and Markets, Behavior and Society, South Asia, Sustainability

Coordinator: Economic Development

Organizer: Inequality

Research Interests

  • Inequality
  • Economic Development
  • Institutional Economics
  • Latin America


Brazilian economist working to redirect the contribution of the financial sector towards sustainable development for a just transition in the BRICS and the Brazilian Amazon.

About my research

Throughout my studies both in EPOG+ and at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), I manifested a strong interest in the intersection between International Macroeconomics and Development due to the important constraints posed to national development in Brazil. Delving deeper into these fields, in 2017 I joined LabChina - a research group on Chinese Political Economy - where I got first introduced to the world of heterodox economics and its different approaches to development. Since then, I decided to specialise in development studies focusing on green finance and development cooperation in the BRICS countries.