Complexity Economics Working Group


Economies and societies are complex and evolving systems. We explore their dynamics, networks, interactions, and heterogeneity. 

Tatevik Poghosyan (UNU-Merit, Netherlands)
Eliana Diodati (Collegio Carlo Alberto and Universit of Turin, Italy)
Tiago Porto (EAEAP-FGV, Brazil)


Mandate (2024)

Research themes

  • The economy as a complex system
  • Complex analysis for innovation and technological change
  • Capacity building, systems of innovation and knowledge systems
  • Methodologies in complex economics 
    • Agent Based Modeling 
    • Structural Change
  • Economic complexity as part of a study of productive structures
  • Measuring complexity
  • Knowledge Economics or Science Policy
  • Complex climate change models and energy innovation
  • Philosophy of complexity
  • Global Value Chains and Upgrading

Research Questions 

  • How is knowledge generated and disseminated within territories and among actors with diverse interests and motivations, such as between scientific knowledge producers (universities, research institutes) and industry? How can incentive policies facilitate
  • How can complexity help in the understanding of economic development and technological catch-up? How it can be used as a methodology for policymaking and policy-design?
  • How economic complexity is related to trade? How is international trade shaped or is shaped by the economic complexity of countries?
  • What are the relations between economic complexity and structural change? How they are interconnected?
  • What encompasses complexity economics, how do we include ideas and theories that are on the periphery? Should we?
  • How do we incorporate ethics and morality in the use of complexity tools?
  • How can complexity theories help increase our understanding and reveal more about economic development, climate change, public policy?
  • Can we measure complexity? How? What do we miss when we try? Is there only one best method?
  • How can complexity approaches help understand non-linearity, dynamical systems, and therefore economic structures?

Projects Planned 

  • Association For Evolutionary Economics South American Conference – CURITIBA, Brazil -CEWG
  • Summer school on economic fitness and complexity – 2024, UNU-MERIT
  • NetSci 2024 – International School and Conference on Network Science
  • WOEPS 2024 – Workshop on the The Organisation, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research” – Turin, Collegio Carlo Alberto, 18-19 April 2024
  • BRICS Conference, India – CEWG
  • UDELAR: Montevideo, LA WG, Complexity WG, Keynesian WG,
  • Workshop on New Developmentalism, FGV, CEWG and LAWG
  • AFEE, January 2025
  • WICK#12 – WICK PhD Workshop in Economics of Innovation, Complexity and Knowledge, Turin, Collegio Carlo Alberto, December 2024
  • EAEPE 2024, bilbao spain (September)
  • Conference at Sorbonne (Network Science) – PhD Workshop On Networks And Political Economy @ Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne

Existing partnerships and cooperation 

  • Summer School at Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies
  • FGV-SP
  • United Nations University (UNU-MERIT)
  • Enrico Fermi Research Center (Cref)
  • Center for Economic Complexity (NeX, Curitiba)
  • Sant’Anna University Economics Department
  • International Schumpeter Society (ISS)
  • The Vilfredo Pareto Doctoral Program in Economics – University of Turin / Collegio Carlo Alberto
  • Unicamp


You’re welcome to join any webinar or reading group at any time. You’re also invited to apply to present or participate in an any in-person workshop in your area. 



The latest updates and announcements, sent out to all working group members via email.
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Reminder: CEWG Meeting Today at 4 PM CET
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