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Workshop on the Economics of Science and Innovation

YSI Workshop

Start time:

May 30 @ 8:00 am - May 31 @ 6:00 pm

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Bordeaux School of Economics (BSE), Pessac, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, 33608



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How to attend

For more info please refer to our website in description.


Speaker Image
Cornelia Lawson

Associate Professor at Manchester University

Speaker Image
Michele Pezzoni

Associate professor at Université Côte d'Azur



In today’s world, science is a driving force behind technological progress and innovation. Whether conducted in university or corporate labs, and regardless of funding sources, scientific research is now a focal point for economists studying innovation, management scholars, and policy evaluators. This year’s workshop is dedicated to bringing together PhD students and young researchers to share their insights into the expansive field of the Economics of Science and Innovation.

Contributions are invited (but not limited to):

  • Organization of scientific research
  • Dynamics of educations and job market for scientists
  • Impact of gender and ethnic diversity on research
  • Role of intellectual intellectual property in technological transfer
  • Effects of policy interventions in the above mentioned themes


How to apply 

Please submit papers or extended abstracts (min 2 pages) by 20th March 2024 here. Notifications will be sent by 10th April 2024.

Contributions will be selected by the scientific committee based on novelty, academic quality and relevance. Priority will be given to PhD students. All presentations will have a discussant. Accepted authors are asked to submit final drafts/full papers by 1st May 2024.

Please refer to our website for additional information.


Keynote Speakers 

Cornelia Lawson (University of Manchester)
Michele Pezzoni (University of Nice)

Scientific Committee 

Francesco Lissoni (University of Bordeaux, BSE), Pascale Roux (University of Bordeaux, BSE), Michele Pezzoni (Université Côte d’Azur), Ernest Miguelez (University of Bordeaux, BSE), Nicolas Carayol (University of Bordeaux, BSE), Laurent Berge (University of Bordeaux, BSE), Maider Saint-Jean (University of Bordeaux, BSE)


Local Organising Committee

Amal Boughnim (University of Bordeaux, BSE), Andriy Romanyuk (University of Insubria and University of Bordeaux, BSE), Kevin Souchard (University of Bordeaux, BSE)



Bordeaux School of Economics (BSE), Avenue Léon Duguit, Bât. H , 33608 – Pessac, France