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3rd Young Scholars Development Programme on Input and Output Analysis


Start time:

July 2 - July 5



UN ECLAC – United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean, Santiago Province, Santiago Metropolitan Region



How to attend

Make sure you submitted your paper to the 2024 YSI-IIOA Development Programme in Santiago de Chile via the IIOA conference homepage!



Input-output (I-O) analysis represents an important tool for economists to understand the complexity of our economies. To support a new generation of economists using I-O analysis, the YSI Working Group on Urban and Regional Economics is partnering up with the International Input-Output Association (IIOA) to invite Young Scholars to apply for participation in the jointly organised 2024 Young Scholars Development Programme in Input-Output Analysis. The event will take place during the 30th International Input-Output Conference, held in Santiago de Chile (Chile) at the UN ECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean) from 2nd to 5th of July 2024.


YSI-IIOA Development Programme aims at attracting young scholars in the field of Input-Output analysis, who would like to improve or further develop a working paper. We welcome any research topic, the only requirement is the focus on I-O analysis. Interested young scholars are expected to submit a full working paper, which after acceptance will be share with an assigned mentor, who will provide in-depth comments on their work. Participants are encouraged to engage directly with their mentor on what kind of guidance they seek.

During the sessions, participants first have a chance to present their work, and then there will be ample time for further feedback from their mentor and comments & questions from other experts in the field, and peers. The Development Programme will benefit the participants through the rich inter-disciplinary environment that the conference will offer and the opportunity to connect and associate with an international network of researchers in the field of I-O analysis.

Stipends for Young Researchers

The Young Scholars Initiative will support accepted participants with travel stipends as well as accommodation (shared twin rooms) during the IIOA conference (2nd to 5th of July 2024). YSI Management determines travel stipend amount depending on schedule and circumstance. Priority will be given to regional travel to young scholars based in South America. A small number of intercontinental travel stipends will be supported.

Submission Process and Funding Application

Step 1 (obligatory):

Submit your abstract & paper to the 30th International Input-Output Association Conference and apply to the Development Programme via the conference homepage https://www.iioa.org/conferences/30th/conference.html. Deadline is Feb. 15th 2024

Step 2:

Apply for YSI funding in a separate application which is administered via this homepage. You can apply for YSI funding before you know if your paper was accepted by the IIOA. However, only successful paper will be considered for YSI funding.

  • Deadline: Feb. 15th 2024
  • Funding notifications: April 1st 2024

For more information and questions regarding the Young Scholars Development Programme and YSI funding application please contact [email protected].

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