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Challenges, prospects, and pitfalls of research on recent topics in HET

YSI Pre-Conference Workshop @ ALAHPE

Start time:

November 15, 2023



Universidad de Antioquia, Medellín, Antioquia





As is customary, ALAHPE (Latin American Association for the History of Economic Thought) and the History of Economic Thought Working Group of the Young Scholars Initiative will organize a workshop on the eve of this year’s ALAHPE conference taking place in Medellín, Colombia, on November 16–18th, 2023. The title of the 2023 YSI Pre-Conference Workshop at ALAHPE is Challenges, prospects, and pitfalls of the research on recent topics in History of Economics. The workshop will be an in-person event.

As the title suggests, this workshop aims to further discussions on themes and questions such as:

  • What are the characteristics of contemporary economics in terms of subject-matter, diversity of actors and institutions, geographical distribution, modes of scientific discourse, modes of intervention, shifting centers of power and knowledge production, etc.?
  • Accounting for these changes, what are the difficulties of studying the topics, events, and actors of contemporary economics?
  • What are the most promising sources of information for the study of these topics, events, and actors?
  • Which methods, either qualitative or quantitative, better serve researchers to approach these sources of information? Do these methods require specialized training in a technique or a shift in our historiographic approaches?
  • What are the prospects for the combination of these methods and sources of information? How do they contribute to our understanding of contemporary economics? Are there any possible pitfalls or limitations? Could these pitfalls be avoided?

Workshop Program

The workshop will take place over the whole day (November 15th), including both seminars by senior scholars and presentations by young scholars where they discuss the problems and questions encountered in their own research. Senior scholars will participate not just to address some of these issues from their own perspective but to discuss the problems and questions introduced by the young scholars. The intention is to foster extensive debate among all participants.


With YSI's support, funding for participating young scholars will be offered to cover the cost of the accomodation for the duration of the workshop and the ALAHPE conference (November 14–19th, 5 nights, 6 days). The day of the workshop (November 15th), a frugal catering service, lunch and dinner are included. Furthermore, young scholars participating in the workshop who are not registered in the ALAHPE conference can benefit from free entrance to the event. Travel expenses covered are limited to transportation from the airport José María Cordoba to the hotel (round trip) and transportation in Medellín for all events organized in the day of the workshop (November 15th). Any airfare expenses or transportation fees in Medellín for the remaining days (November, 16–19th) are not covered.

How To Participate?

To encourage extensive debate among attendees, funding is limited to six young scholars interested in the history of recent economics or in related methodological and historiographical questions. Accordingly, prospective participants must:

1) Qualify as young scholars (Master’s students, PhD candidates, Post-Docs, Junior professors, etc.).
2) Submit the application form before April 15th, 2023.

Comments and Questions ?

For any comments or questions, please, contact the organizers via the following e-mail addresses (when sending your email, please, include the other addresses as CC):

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