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First YSI – Cedeplar Workshop in History of Economic Thought

YSI @Cedeplar History of Economics Workshop

Start time:

March 25



Cedeplar – Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais, Pampulha, Minas Gerais, 31275-013




Speaker Image
Katia Caldari

Professor at University of Padova

Speaker Image
Alexandre Mendes Cunha

Professor at Minas Gerais Federal University

Speaker Image
Victor Nunes Leal Cruz e Silva

Professor at Universidade Federal do Paraná


The Young Scholars Initiative and Cedeplar (Federal University of Minas Gerais) welcome submissions for a one-day workshop designed for undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students currently engaged in History of Economic Thought. Scheduled for March 25th, 2024, at the Federal University of Minas Gerais in Belo Horizonte (Brazil), this workshop will feature mentors Alexandre Mendes Cunha (Cedeplar – UFMG) and Katia Caldari (Padua University).

The workshop’s primary objectives are to cultivate new scholarly networks and potential collaborations among regional institutions. It also aims to equip students in the Brazilian region with a deeper understanding of the international landscape within the History of Economic Thought community, facilitating their integration. Additionally, the workshop intends to assist students, especially those at the outset of their research, with methodological guidance.

The event welcomes students at any stage but focuses on those commencing their research. Discussions will be conducted in both English and Portuguese, ensuring inclusivity for non-English speakers. Organizers will provide necessary translations to enhance participation.

The initial segment will feature our mentors presenting key aspects of the global History of Economic Thought community, including associations and journals. This will be followed by discussions on the challenges of conducting research in peripheral regions and the complexities of publishing in international journals. The latter part of the day will delve into methodological issues, based on previous questions. 

Those applying are expected to forward the organization two weeks before the workshop  questions concerning their difficulties while investigating the history of economic thought. Those questions will be discussed by the mentors and the rest of the students. To apply click on the apply button above, or through this link.

Selection criteria will privilege:

  • Active involvement in History of Economic Thought research
  • Underrepresented minorities in the field
  • Ensuring gender balance
  • Early stages of research


To accommodate participants residing outside Belo Horizonte, accommodation and a limited number of travel stipends will be available. To submit, kindly complete this form by January 26th. Results will be announced by February 2nd.

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