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The Repo Market | Session 3

Reading Group

Start time:

December 5, 2023 @ 12:00 pm - 1:30 pm

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This is the last of three sessions on Scott Skyrm’s 2023 book The Repo Market: Shorts, Shortages, and Squeezes.


From the description:

The Repo market is the most important market few people know about. It’s a pillar of the financial system that’s often misunderstood yet plays a vital role in the industry. If the financial markets are the engine that powers the economy, the Repo market is the oil that lubricates that engine.

This week, we discuss the last two parts of the book (pages 187–310):

Risk, Scandal, Panic and Regulations

  • Risk Management
  • Accounting Rules and Scandals
  • Fire Sales
  • Flights-To-Quality
  • The Liquidity Crisis 2007
  • The Financial Crisis 2008
  • New Federal Reserve
  • Tri-Party Reform
  • New Regulation

The Basics

  • MF Global
  • Debt Ceiling History
  • Quantitative Easing (QE)
  • Balance Sheet Runoff
  • Predictions


Alex Howlett

Mateusz Urban

Shengbei Guo

alison touhey

Manuel Valencia

Rita Bahlibi

Masson Chacon

Claudio Ferri

Norman Ebner

Sphesihle Nduli

Isabelle Cook

Heske van Doornen

Maria Vittoria Ceschi