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YSI @ International Workshop On Demand-Led Growth: Capital Flows And External Constraints

YSI @ Demand-led Workshop

Start time:

July 8 @ 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Instituto de Economia, UFRJ, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 22290-902



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How to attend


30th April 2024


The Keynesian and Latin America Working groups are happy to invite you to submit papers for the 5th International Workshop on Demand-Led Growth, which will take place between July 8th and 11th in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This year’s theme, “Capital Flows and External Constraints”, is particularly significant since 2024 marks the anniversary of two important contributions in economic theory. It is the 45th anniversary of Thirlwall’s seminal 1979 paper, which introduced Thirlwall’s law, a key concept in understanding economic growth in developing economies. Additionally, it marks the 75th anniversary of Prebisch’s manifesto, which addressed crucial issues in Latin America and laid the ground for many debates on economic development. 

Such debates were seminal for both Post-Keynesian and Structuralist research programs, providing a benchmark for theoretical and policy debates in peripheral countries. This year, we will explore numerous interconnections between demand-led growth and external finance such as: the role of financial flows in the short and long run, external indebtedness, solvency and liquidity problems, currency hierarchy, the role of the exchange rate, the relation between balance of payments constraint and economic policy, and related issues.

We welcome articles broadly related to the following topics:

  • Endogenous money, capital flows, external debt, and balance-of-payment constraints to growth.
  • The floating dollar standard, the international monetary hierarchy, and asymmetries
  • Monetary and fiscal policy, Central Banking, monetary and financial channels in an open economy
  • Speculation, bubbles, financial fragility, and financial in/stability
  • Growth regimes, growth drivers, growth models, and autonomous demand: debates between Post-Keynesians and Comparative Political Economy
  • Conflict Inflation, personal and functional income distribution.
  • Structuralism, classical political economy and demand led-growth
  • Demand-led growth, stagnation theories and stagnation policies.
  • Demand-led Growth, capacity utilization and labor unemployment.
  • Demand-led growth and macroeconomic policies
  • Functional Finance and Modern Monetary Theory: implications for monetary and fiscal policies.
  • Stock-Flow and the Monetary Circuit approaches to money and finance.
  • Monetary policy, monetary and financial channels, and its relationship with ‘Autonomous Demand’.
  • Monetary and financial determinants and constraints of demand-led growth
  • Climate change and the analysis of the Decarbonization of the economy
  • Structural change and input-output analysis.

In order to apply you must submit your paper to the main conference and a motivation in this form. The deadline to apply is April 30th. 

All papers must be in English and include a title, concise abstract (maximum 200 words), author’s name, institutional affiliation, and email address. We suggest that submitted papers adhere to a maximum word limit of 8000 words.

If your work is selected, you will be invited to present at the event which is scheduled to occur from July 8 to 11. Selections will be based on merit, and those chosen can expect to receive accommodation and a partial travel stipend.

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