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YSI Pre-ISHET Conference Workshop

YSI-ISHET Pre-Conference Workshop @ HCU 2024

Start time:

October 27



University of Hyderabad Campus, Hyderabad, Telangana, 500046



How to attend

To apply for the workshop, please fill in the Google Form.


In August 2023, Azim Premji University hosted the first International conference on the History of Economic Thought (HET) in India. The conference aimed to “contribute to the development of the field and advance our understanding of the historical roots of contemporary economic debates and challenges.” The presentations covered a broad spectrum of topics, ranging from African to Indian economic thought, from Ambedkar to Sraffa, from Keynesian to Feminist economics, and from Kautilya to Khaldun. A pre-conference component was also included, where various scholars facilitated discussions on paradigms in economic theory and the distinctions between different schools of thought. The conference attracted a diverse group of HET and non-HET instructors and students from various parts of the country.

More recently, in November 2023, as part of its Golden Jubilee Celebrations, the Madras Institute of Development Studies (MIDS) conducted a three-day workshop on the History of Economic Thought. The workshop included presentations, round-table discussions, and reflections on the curriculum and pedagogy with respect to teaching and learning HET in India.

In an effort to further improve access to and diffusion of HET knowledge in Indian academia, the YSI History of Economic Thought Working Group is organising a pre-conference workshop. This workshop will take place at the University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, on October 27, one day before the Indian Society of the History of Economic Thought’s (ISHET) first annual conference in collaboration with the University of Hyderabad.

The objective of this workshop is to equip young scholars with various aspects of research in the domain of the history of economic thought. This includes four sessions on:

  1. How to write HET theses (with Alex M. Thomas, Azim Premji University, Bengaluru)
  2. How to write and publish HET journal articles (with Richard van den Berg, University of Kingston and Rebeca Gomez Betancourt, University of Lyon)
  3. How to work with archival material (with Scott Carter, University of Tulsa)
  4. How to publish books in HET (with editors from Cambridge University Press, Palgrave Macmillan and Routledge)

Young scholars who are pursuing or interested in research in the history of economic thought are encouraged to apply.

We will bring around 30 young scholars who are either pursuing/interested in research in the history of economic thought domain. In order to be  eligible for travel stipends to attend the workshop and conference, you should: 1) be registered for the ISHET’s conference, and 2) be a young scholar (bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral students, early career scholars).

This is intended as a pre-conference, rather than a standalone workshop. Participants will therefore also need to be registered for the ISHET’s conference by paying the appropriate fees.



  • Deadline for submitting SoP for YSI pre-ISHET conference workshop: 30 June 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 July 2024
  • Deadline for submitting abstracts: 30 June 2024
  • Notification of acceptance: 15 July 2024
  • Deadline for paying the registration fees: 1 August 2024
  • Deadline for submitting full papers: 1 October 2024
  • YSI Pre-ISHET conference workshop: 27 October 2024
  • ISHET Conference: 28, 29 October 2024



To apply for the workshop, please fill in the Google Form (Click on ‘Apply here’). To apply for the workshop, submit a 400-500 word SoP, including how the workshop and the ISHET conference will help you in your future aspirations. If you are presenting a paper, submit the abstract AND the SoP–to be considered for financial support. The abstract should be between 400 and 500 words.

Please note that financial support will be granted on the basis of ISHET’s philosophy of equity. This is based on several factors, such as the social identity of the applicant, the location and nature of the institution (Central University / State University / Private University / Private College / Government College / Company), and the quality of the application (abstract and SoP). Also note that the financial support does not include registration fees for the ISHET conference.



Ashwath R (YSI)

Tanisha Hiremath (YSI)

Limakumba Walling (University of Hyderabad)

Alex M. Thomas (Azim Premji University, Bengaluru)



Thair Ahmad (Sai University, Chennai)

Sharmin Khodaiji (Jindal Global University)

Alex M. Thomas (Azim Premji University, Bengaluru)

Limakumba Walling (University of Hyderabad)

Srishti Yadav (Azim Premji University)

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