5th Workshop on New Developmentalism – São Paulo

The Latin American Working Group, jointly with CND-FGV, is pleased to invite you to submit your manuscript for the sessions for the articles presentation of the 5th Workshop on New Developmentalism (July 28 – 29).

We encourage submission that broadly fall within the topics of the conference (see below), such as:

• Political economy of new developmentalism (developmental capitalism x liberal capitalism, the developmental state)
• How to manage the five macroeconomic prices (exchange rate, wage rate, profit rate, interest rate, and inflation)?
• Why are the exchange rate and the current account key in the investment function?
• Why do companies tend not to invest when the exchange rate is chronically overvalued?
• Extensions of new developmentalism (green growth strategies, economic policies to reduce inequalities).
• Empirical research that might test the new-developmentalist hypotheses and models.

The deadline for Abstracts submission (maximum size of 500 words excluding references) is June 12, 2022. Please apply and find out specific information about the workshop through their official website: https://eaesp.fgv.br/centros/centro-estudos-novo-desenvolvimentismo/eventos/5th-workshop-new-developmentalism-economics-and-political-economy-new-developmentalism-0

Travel and accommodation costs: Select participants (young scholars) may be eligible for partial funding stipends from YSI-INET. Please inform in the e-mail of submission if a) you are also applying for the partial funding stipends and b) in which country are you currently based.