ABM Webinar series | Fourth Webinar tomorrow

Dear Young Scholars,

The Complexity, Keynesian Economics and Financial Stability Working Groups invite you to our fourth Webinar on “Agent-Based Modelling and its recent Applications” with Esther Dweck (Federal University of Rio de Janeiro), who will discuss "A Multisectoral Micro-Macrodynamic Model".

Tomorrow 7, November at 5PM CET, (14:00 Brazil time).

To participate, please click "attend" in the webinar page: https://ysd.ineteconomics.org/event/old/5bb4258b0c4eb06895902ad4?fbclid=IwAR38S77U23BsSCfssnkrdUGTKDHzt6Is-mWl_fkULsuxBGBA9M45RgNGY0w

The suggested reading is: https://anpec.org.br/revista/vol5/vol5n3p1_43.pdf and http://www.scielo.br/pdf/ecos/v20n1/v20n1a01.pdf

Looking forward to seeing you all there!