Launch of major website update

We’re about to launch our (major) website update! It includes

The Project Feature, which give you

  • A portal through which to submit project proposals and budgets
  • A webpage for every project and event your working group does, including in-person events

A Graphical Update, which gives you:

  • Improved look-and-feel throughout the site
  • A splash page to entice new members
  • More content for those who are not logged in. Transition of some of the material for new members (previously found on the INET site) to YSD.

That means the YSD will be down for some time today. We’ll let you know when it’s all set and done.

Here is some important information:
1) After the launch, any ALREADY EXISTING WEBINARS will become un-editable. So if you have any upcoming webinars you’d like to edit, or ongoing webinar series to which you’d like to add more new webinars in the future, you will unfortunately have to delete them and recreate them all over again. We apologize for the inconvenience.

2) We managed to TURN OFF THE AUTOMATIC RECORDING of webinars. This means that if you want your webinars to be recorded you now have to press the record button when you are ready to record yourself. If you choose or forget to press the button there will be no recording of the webinar. It is still only the first recording that will be available on YSD, so only stop the recording when the webinar is over.

We hope you like the new site! We're eager to hear your feedback, so don't hesistate to get back to us or Entropy Fox after trying out the new project feature.

Many thanks go out to our developers at Entropy Fox, and to those of you who helped us test and de-bug!

Best regards,

Jay, Heske and Thomas