ASIA Convening, call open (partial travel stipends and accomm provided)

Dear all,

I would like to share with you our call at the YSI ASIA Convening (May 6-9, Da Nang, Vietnam). Partial travel stipends and accommodation will be provided to selected participants based in the region. Deadline for submissions is March 17th

You can follow this link for further information:

Call #14 – Blurred frontiers between States and Markets: historical and contemporary debates

Our working group was born because we believe that current economics is not enough to deal with the main challenges of our present history. Our initial aim was to study the economic fundamentals of modern nation States, integrating them to the study of economics and elaborating on the dialectics between States and Markets. We expect to contribute to new ways of strategic and programmatic thinking, putting into question the commonly accepted and established notions of our discipline, thus challenging most conventional explanations.

In this vein, this call invites young scholars to submit proposals aimed at rethinking the concepts of planning, power, market relations, capital accumulation and State. These topics have a paramount chapter in Asia, probably the most diverse continent in political and economic terms both today and in the past.

We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions, covering both historical and contemporary topics, single-case or comparative papers. For the empirical contributions we will privilege those with a focus on Asia. We therefore encourage young scholars to submit contributions -particularly from scholars based in Asia- that aim to challenge the narrow-minded and discipline-focused ways of dealing with the aforementioned concepts.

We think of this Convening as the opportunity for you to join our working group and get to know a vibrant community of young scholars that actively contribute to a more coherent and complete conceptualization of capitalism. Our list of suggested topics includes (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Capitalist and Socialist Planning.
  • The Economic concept of the State.
  • Imperialism in the XXI century.
  • China, from Mao’s revolution to contemporary debates on the intricate relations between the Chinese government and multinational corporations.
  • Clashing powers: The United States, Russia and China in the XXI century.
  • Power in innovation networks: blurred frontiers between States, Corporations and Universities – From national to global innovation networks: what is the place of Asia?
  • Outsourcing and offshoring to Asia. Is upgrading in the value chain a feasible alternative for every Asian country?
  • Lessons from the USSR: State planning, soviets and cooperation.
  • The role of the State in the industrialization of East Asia.
  • The future of BRICS under the light of an extreme right wing government in Brazil.
  • Education in Asia: between States, Markets and brain drain.

To submit your abstract to this call, go to In your abstract, please clearly identify your research question, elaborate on methodology, and list your preliminary findings and/or tentative conclusions.

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Deadline: 17 March 2019
Contact: [email protected]**