Behavior and Society WG Sessions at the YSI Plenary

Hi everyone,

As you have probably know the YSI Virtual Plenary is here! You can find the complete plenary program here : You can also use this link to register and gain access to the plenary platform!

There is quite a lot to choose from so we wanted to inform you about our own WG events:

Work-in-progress Session I – Monday November 9, 10:00-11:30 UTC

Young Scholars will present their work which encompasses a wide range of topics and questions within behavioral and experimental economics.

Lame Ungwang | Incentives Schemes Revisited: Effects of Group versus Individual Incentives for Microfinance Field Staff

Oliver Braganza | Proxyeconomics, a theory and model of proxy-based competition

Emilia Brito, Veronika Poór, Stephanie Thomas | Methodology matters: the importance of using effect sizes in behavioral research on gender

Alice Wilson | Housing and Power: The Role of Tiny Houses in Urban Development

Discussion Roundtable on Fractal & Proxy Economics – Friday November 13, 14:00-16:00 UTC

Economic actors may ultimately be motivated by fundamental goals such as survival or happiness, but these can be too abstract or complex to pursue directly. They reduce this problem by aiming for intermediate or "proxy" goals: for example wealth as a proxy for happiness, or sales targets as a proxy for profitability. We ask how this effect replicates at multiple levels, from individual cognition up to the management of organizations or societies, and if it can be a powerful way of explaining economic phenomena at all these levels. A mix of submitted and invited speakers present and discuss.

Work-in-progress Session II – Saturday November 14, 11:00-13:00 UTC

Young Scholars will present their work which encompasses a wide range of topics and questions within behavioral, identity and narrative economics.

Tanay Katiyar | Behavioral Interventions for Departmental Workshops: An Institutional Case Study

Newton Carlini | Individual Behavior, Social Routines and Real Time Dynamics under an Outbreak: an ABM model

Philippine Waisvisz | Digital Narrative Identification: Towards an AI for narratives and economic identities

Shaden Shabayek | Hidden Opinions

Beatriz Vitoriano Alves de Oliveira | Sensitivity of Individual behavior to nudges: experimental approach to honesty level of university students in Brazil

Follow up to the Plenary and Project Brainstorm – Monday November 16, 11:00-12:00 UTC

Got something you are interested in or curious about? A question you’d like to explore further? Learn how you can turn that into a YSI Project in your Working Group. Join and flesh out your ideas (however big or small) with help from those who did it before.

We hope to see you there!

-Behavior and Society WG Coordinators