KEWG sessions at YSI Plenary

Dear all,

As you probably know, the YSI Virtual Plenary starts this week. If you didn't have the chance to take a look at the Plenary's program yet, you can find it here: We also organized a summarized version of the program for the KEWG sessions below, so you can save the dates.

Wednesday, 4 November @ 20h UTC | Introduction & Icebreaker (on docks)

Thursday, 5 November @ 20h UTC | Discussion of State of the Field Report (on docks)

Monday, 9 November @ 20h UTC | Mentor’s Presentation (on “Economic Visions” constellation)
Back to the Future: Is Modern Monetary Theory a resurrection of Keynesian theory
Pavlina Tcherneva (Bard College and Levy Institute of Economics)

Tuesday, 10 November @ 20h UTC | Working Group Session (on Keynesian Economics WG ship)
Agustin Pedrazzoli | Effects of competition on corporate investment
Alejandro Gonzalez | Testing Demand-Led Growth and Accommodating Supply
Patieene Alves-Passon | Fiscal austerity policies in the Brazilian economy: a structural decomposition analysis between 2010-2017
Emanuele Citera | The network origins of aggregate fluctuations: a demand-side approach

Thursday, 12 November @ 14h UTC | Working Group Session (on Keynesian Economics WG ship)
Apurva K H, Achala S Yareseeme and Jyotsna Jha | Social Accounting Matrix at a Sub-National Level: Construction, Estimation and Challenges
Joana David Avritzer | Debt-led growth and its financial fragility
Helena Morais | Public expenditure, GDP, and Inequality: an empirical study of Brazilian states

Friday, 13 November @ 17h UTC | Roundtable (on Financial Stability WG ship)
Green Finance: From managing financial risks to financing sustainable development
Maria Nikolaidi (University of Greenwich)
Pablo Bortz (National University of San Martín)

Saturday, 14 November @ 18h UTC |Roundtable (on “Inequalities” constellation)
Central Bank Policies: Can they impact wealth, income and gender inequalities?
Martina Metzger (Berlin School of Economics and Law)
Mario Seccareccia (University of Ottawa)

Monday, 16 November @ 20h UTC | Project brainstorm based on questions (on Keynesian Economics WG ship)

Note: If needed, use to convert your local time to UTC.

We hope to see you there!

All the best,
KEWG organizers