Call for Organizer – Future is Public, Amsterdam

Dear all,
a mentor (professor Mildred Warner, Cornell University) invited our group to participate on the "The Future is Public Conference" (4-5 December, 2019, Amsterdam). The conference is soliciting workshops and professor Warner proposed that we do one with YSI on how young scholars could get involved in remunicipalization research. She made herself available to help to write the proposal. The task is quite simple, as the conference asks for a workshop with 90 minutes to 45 minutes. However, none of the coordinators (Igor, Jakob and me) can make this.

Therefore, we are opening this call to invite you to be an organizer for this project. Besides benefiting of the conference, the network and the mentorship of professor Warner, the YSI organizer may have funds for her/him trip and accommodation in Amsterdam. The deadline for submitting the proposal for the conference is October 20, 2019. We are asking herein an affirmative answer up to Tuesday, 15 October – send your answer to [email protected]. Don't forget to inform us about your name, affiliation and city of residence. We strongly encourage young scholars based in Europe, but it is not mandatory.

Kind regards,
Renan Almeida.