CfA: Pluralistic Teaching in Economics Workshops at ICAPE, San Diego 2020

YSI event at the International Confederation of Associations for Pluralism in Economics (ICAPE) at the University of San Diego.

Theme: Workshops on pluralistic teaching, designing a course and a curriculum pluralistically, and the publication process.

In most of the universities across the world, the curriculum is dominantly based on a specific school of thought, which continues to remain hegemonic despite the crisis. This has important implications on the way generations of students are trained, discourses are formed, and realities
are shaped. Although there have been certain attempts to make the curriculum more broad- based and to undertake a more pluralistic approach towards teachings, such attempts have been few and have remained quite peripheral. Further, even if young academics wish to design the course pluralistically, they are often constrained by their own training in such narrow non-pluralistic paradigms.

In this conference event, we plan to conduct workshops on pluralistic teaching, designing courses and a curriculum pluralistically. This will equip academics with the basic tools necessary for introducing economics to students in a pluralistic manner. Along with that, we also plan on conducting a workshop on the publication process, particularly given that avenues for those working in non-mainstream economic thought is rather limited. This workshop will particularly engage with practical as well as philosophical (such as, why to publish, role of publishing the process of knowledge creation, among other) aspects of publishing.

Since the event will take place parallel to the ASSA conference, we expect relatively young academics to attend the workshop who are expected to be involved in designing new courses.


  • Pluralism in Economics and Pluralistic Teaching I
  • Designing a Pluralistic Curriculum for Economics – Assessment of Current Curriculums.
  • Integrating and Teaching Development in Economics Curriculum.
  • Publication in Economics: A Practical Guide for Pluralists


Applications include a motivation letter (300 words) and CV. The letter of motivation should mention how your research or work is related to the theme of the workshop and how you will benefit from it.

Young scholars including advanced graduate students and early career researchers are encouraged to submit an application to attend the workshop.

Successful applicants will:

  • Be invited to attend the conference of ICAPE. Conference registration fee ($100) is reimbursed upon completion of the workshops.
  • Be provided with accommodation from 03 to 07th of January 2020 on a shared-room basis (4 nights).
  • Be invited to the social event, funded by YSI.
  • Be invited to the gala dinner of ICAPE Conference

Limited travel stipends are only available for young scholars coming from North America (not nationality based) on the basis of financial needs. First come first serve. A request letter for travel stipend should be included in the application.



Please feel free to share.

We look forward to your participation.