Exponential technologies and transforming economics

The momentary economic slowdown during COVID-19 has disrupted the global supply chain temporarily which in turn challenges trade, globalization, multilateralism and present status quos in the global economy. However, the world is swiftly moving towards uncharted territory, where exponential technologies are transforming and reshaping the financial markets and global economic order. This session will highlight the impact of technological disruption on the global economy and explore new questions, challenges and possibilities to harness these emerging technologies to reform and transform the global economy for an inclusive and sustainable future.

Shoaib Khan | ROBONOMICS: How will AI/robotics affect power relations in the economy?
Zeynep Alraqeb | What is the Future of payment and global financial transactions?
Dr Giorgio Caridi | E-governance to mitigate pollution and revamp public services
Rudra Mohan Biswas | Stock market disruption by Boutique brokerage: Impact and regulatory questions

JOIN the session in Innovation Constellation at 5 pm UTC.