Today’s session: Fractal & Proxy Economics (2pm UTC)

Hello Behavior & Society Working Group members!

We are hosting another session today in the YSI Plenary, this time on Fractal and Proxy Economics – at 2pm UTC (3pm CET, 4pm EET, 9am Eastern).

Organised by WG member Oliver Braganza and coordinator Leigh Caldwell, the theme is:

Economic actors may ultimately be motivated by fundamental goals such as survival or happiness, but these can be too abstract or complex to pursue directly. They reduce this problem by aiming for intermediate or "proxy" goals: for example wealth as a proxy for happiness

We'd also like you to think about the goal of the whole plenary: developing New Economic Questions (more on that below).

Oliver will be speaking on ProxyEconomics, Leigh on Fractal Economics, and our panel includes Yohan John on Modeling Networks of Cognitive-Emotional Interactions and Tom Pike on Multi-level Agent Based Modeling.

You can join the session at:

You will need to register for the Plenary website but this takes only a few moments. Please use the same email address you use to log into the YSI website.

We had a great session on Monday and I'm sure this one will be just as interesting.

This session will take place within the Questions Fair, which is the central purpose of the whole Plenary. During the conference, YSI will develop and choose the 100 top questions that economists should be asking in the coming years. This will cover everything from subject matter, to important policy issues, to the structure of the profession, to the assumptions we make in our models. We would like you to help choose these questions.

Within this session, those questions might include:

  • Where do economic preferences come from?
  • What is the relationship between economic goals (e.g. productivity, wages) and human goals (e.g. happiness, survival)
    You will get to propose your own questions and vote on the ones you think are most important.

See you there!