Facebook group & other links

Dear all,

I hope you are all well. Please find useful links below that are relevant to our WG:

1) WG webinar recordings (+ readings and co):


Since we cannot upload any documents to the YSD yet, for now all recordings are stored on Google Drive. In this file, you will find the following sub-files:
– "hot topics" : it features recordings that are not part of any webinar series but that were organized on-demand following events (such as last year's EBA stress tests)
– "money notes": Zoltan's (Credit Suisse) notes are stored in there
– "newcomers' corner" : it is still empty at the moment but we are planning to put some material to help newbies integrate this WG.
– "organizers" : this folder contains info on the organization of webinar series targeted to your favorite organizers (so it's not relevant to most of you)
– "webinar series": you will find all the recordings of our webinar series and more.

2) Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1887214948158566/

Apologies again for last week's webinar where we encountered technical issues. For those who missed it, you will find the recording in the Google Drive file.


Your coordinators Miriam and Céline 🙂

PS. Don't forget, tomorrow 11pm EDT we have Karol and Katarzyna hosting part 1.5 of "Defining and measuring financial stability" 🙂