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URE WG sessions at the YSI online Plenary

The URE WG call for papers is motivated by the growing interest in the conceptualization and empirical evaluation of spatial patterns within various fields of social sciences. The sessions aim to gather perspectives from different regions and cities worldwide, examine and discuss different dimensions of geography, society, and economy.

  1. Climate change and cities;
  2. Gender and race in space;
  3. History of uneven regional development;
  4. Informality;
  5. Neoliberalism and urban development;
  6. Political economy of space and geography;
  7. Rural-urban migration and international migration;
  8. Social network analysis in urban policies;
  9. Spatial inequality;
  10. Structural change and technological advancement;
  11. Urban agriculture and food security;
  12. Urban and regional impacts of the Covid-19;
  13. Urban and rural socio-economic relationship;
  14. Urban governance, planning, and transport;
  15. Urban growth modeling;
  16. Urbanization and agglomeration economies.

The deadline for submissions is 15 August 2020.

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