GIC 2020: Virtual Webinars & Conference

The conference will include a Webinar Series and 2-Day (Shortened) Workshop

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*WEBINAR SERIES: Weekly seminars through the month of August

Topics include:

Industrial Policy and Strategy, August 6, 15:30 CEST/9:30 EDT
  • Fiona Tregenna (UJOHANNESBURG)

  • Danilo Spinola (Maastricht)

    Complexity and Inequality, August 13, 15:30 CEST/9:30 EDT

    • David Rigby (UCLA)
    • Dominik Hartmann (UFSC)

    Innovation, August 19, 18:00 CEST/12:00 EDT

    • Petra Moser (NYU)
    • Britta Glennon (UPENN)

    Green Innovation and Complexity, August 26, 13:30 CEST/ 7:30 EDT
    *Penny Mealy (Oxford)
    *Nicolò Barbieri (UBologna)

2-Day Workshop August 28-29, 2020 (shortened days)

** PANEL DISCUSSION: A panel discussion on the role of policy making on the innovation process **

    *Ina Ganguli (Umass-Amherst)
    *Balázs Lengyel (ANET Lab, Institute of Economics of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    *Cesar Hidalgo (Toulouse)
    *Pierre-Alexander Balland (Utrecht)
    *More TBC!
    Moderator: Tania Treibich (Maastricht)

Show us the most promising economic policy to deal effectively with all or multiple of the following issues: Inequality, climate change and unemployment considering the on-going covid19 crisis.

    *Bold ideas are encouraged! 
    *Videos should present the solution in a creative and non conventional way.
    *Any materials, data and references are accepted as long as they maintain academic rigor. 
    *Build a team of 1 to maximum 5 people to create a 3min Video displaying the solution. We will provide a platform for finding a team in case you are searching for one. 

    *Winners become automatically participants of the next in-person GIC conference with the possibility to be considered for a travel grant. 
    *Receive a copy of a new book.  
    *Winning video will be shown at the GIC conference.

Participants will form teams and have 72 hours to work on the challenge, which could include data work, exploring policy solutions, and identifying deeper problems to work on long-term. After the 3 day period the teams have to submit a short video describing their findings and their proposed solutions. Video submissions will be judged by a panel of experts and will include prizes for the winners that will be announced with the official call for participants.