State of the Field Report: share your thoughts!

Dear URE WG members,

The YSI virtual plenary, to be held in November, will be all about posing new economic questions. To prepare our working group for this challenge, we are elaborating on a State of the Field Report: the document will identify the major developments and new questions in the diverse research field of Urban and Regional Economics. The report will be presented at the Questions Fair of the YSI Plenary and will frame out the group’s discussions in the sessions. Moreover, it will inform the drafting of the 2021 mandate of our working group.

The most exciting part of the State of the Field report is, that it will largely rely on input from you, the working group members, and mentors! Thus, your opinion is essential to us and we ask all those who want to give their input to this report to complete this form by August 10th. In this questionnaire, which consists of four questions, you can express your thoughts about recent progress and shifts in our research field, the most important new publications, and emerging priorities in policy debates.

You can find the questionnaire here:

Thank’s for your collaboration!

Best regards, URE WG Coordinators