New Coordinators and State of the Field Report!

Hi, everyone.

We wanted to introduce ourselves. We are Nurlan, Santiago and Surbhi, the new coordinators of the Economic Development working group.

We have been working as organizers for YSI over the past few years, and are now the coordinators of the group that we all have been collectively building.

We would like to invite you to contact us, either through the platform or privately, if you are interested in becoming an organizer, to set up conferences, webinars, research projects, etc. We assure that will do everything that we can to support you. Our objective over the next years will be to strengthen the work done by the previous coordinators and further expand the reach and scope of the Economic Development working group. How far we are able to push this and achieve this goal depends primary on your involvement. The doors of our group are open to any kind of project that is in line with the them of our working group, i.e., economic development. So, we encourage you to write to us with exciting project ideas and we assure you that we will support you in any way we can!

Finally, to get started, we request you to fill out this survey. This will be salient for how the working of the group will evolve.