HET WG at the Virtual Plenary

Dear all

Take note of the Working Group's upcoming sessions at the YSI Virtual Plenary 2020. We are looking forward to seeing you. The full plenary programme is available here http://ysiplenary.org/sessions , and will be displayed in your local time zone.

Monday, 9 November: State of the Field:

Come and discuss the ways in which the working group’s area has evolved. What research questions have recently come to the forefront? What discussions and debates have arisen? What papers have left an impression? Tune in to get up to date on the State of the Field.

Friday, 13 November: WG Session History of Economic Thought

Discussion Panel Roundtable: Presentations by:

Federico Nastasi | Institutionalist clues in Celso Furtado's economic thought
Sheetal Bharat | Beginning and Evolution of the Concept of Opportunity Cost
•** Sattwick Dey Biswas** | Smith's paradox of price and negotiation: Empirical evidence from India
José Fevereiro | At the crossroads between economic theory and policy: Gustav’s Cassel evolving formulation of PPP theory
•** Guillaume Yon** | Planned Growth: Economic Engineering in France after the Second World War

Take a look at all the various events including Social!