HET Young Scholars Peer Review Project


This is a call for contributions of Young Scholars interested in having their work reviewd by peers (and reviewing other's works). Bellow we present the invitation in detail.

A group of Young Scholars associated to the History of Economic Thought working group is trying to organize a collaboration system where each Young Scholar can receive comments in his or her working paper from another Young Scholar. Our idea is to help Young Scholars improved their work and to provide a peer review experience before submiting an article for a proper journal.

The idea is quite simple. We are going to exchange papers between Young Scholars, taking into consideration their interests. Young Scholars will have one month to write their comments. Than we send anonymously the reviews back to the authors.

We would like to invite all Young Scholars interrested in taking part on this project to send their papers to [email protected] by September 30th with the following information:

  1. Complete Name
  2. Affiliation
  3. Current position
  4. Areas of interests
  5. Possible languages (Spanish, Portuguese and/or English)

Please, send this submissions with the specific subject, "2018 Peer Review Submission”.

We would just like to reinforce that papers in progress are more than welcome. The ideia is for helping people improve their work.

And we also would like to invite people interested only in commenting papers. In this case, just send an email to [email protected] with your personal information and the subject as "2018 – Peer Review Comments". Furthermore, people who register their papers will automatically be added as reviewers.

If you have any question, feel free to contact us through the above e-mail.

Best Regards,
Julia Marchevsky and Ian Almeida
History of Economic Thought WG