Too powerful for any democracy? The ECB, its independence, and legitimacy

The Finance, Law, and Economics working group is glad to be back with the Law and Political Economy webinar series. After having hosted fruitful discussions in our previous sessions with Andrew Baker and Francesco Papadia, we are thrilled to have Gabriel Glöckler on board. Gabriel serves as Principal Adviser, Directorate General Communications, from the European Central Bank (ECB), where he focuses on the Bank’s outreach towards the general public, politics, and academia and the strategic direction of its communications. He has joined the ECB in 1999, where he has served in different divisions. Gabriel's extensive policy-making experience makes him the right person to address complex issues that lie at the intersection of institutional, legal, and political economy analysis.

Apart from his vast professional experience, Gabriel has been actively involved in academia, where he has been working as a Visiting Professor at the College of Europe, Bruges, since 2013, among other renowned institutions in the EU and the US as well.

In this session, some of the key questions that will be addressed are the following:

•Has the ECB become (too) politicised?
•Is ECB independence in line with what was envisaged?
•Where are the boundaries between independent technocractic decision-making and political judgement?
•Can central bank independence still be justified, especially in an EMU context?
•What are the political ramifications of the ECB’s changed role during the crisis?

When? September 19, at 17:00 CET. Join us on

We look forward to seeing you online!